Exploring Off The Map

Everybody has a plan…but what happens when your plan falls apart, or you find yourself in uncharted territory because life happened to you? How do you navigate through times and situations like these?  This series of messages, "Exploring Off The Map," is all about dealing with the unexplored, or underexplored experiences that following Jesus places you in!  From learning to find and follow God’s will, to realizing that it’s never good to go it alone!  So, grab your gear, we’re heading off the map!

God’s Will…More Of A Game Plan Than A Blueprint

May 10th, 2020

Heading Into Uncrowded Territory

May 17th, 2020

Joint Venturing With Jesus

May 24th, 2020

Putting Fear In Its Place

May 31st, 2020

So Many Things...So Little Time

June 7th, 2020

Never Go All Alone

June 14th, 2020

Father's Day 2020

June 21st, 2020