Watch Out For Lesser Gods

We don’t think often of the competition there is out there for your heart and mind!  From experiences to lifestyles, to wealth or fame or security, you’re being pursued by a host of “lesser gods” that promise you everything you’re looking for, but deliver only sorrow and grief.  These “lesser gods” can destroy your reputation, your legacy, and your relationship with Jesus; yet we’re drawn their way none the less.  The God of heaven wants you to be aware, and to walk away from such persuaders.  How could really smart guys and gals get sucked into chasing “lesser gods?” We’ll explore three of them in this series and find out how to make your way back if any have a hold on you!

Solomon: Untamed Passions Will Derail Your Life

February 21st, 2021

Rehoboam: Craving Significance at Any Price

February 28th, 2021

Jeroboam: Wasting The Privileges You’ve Been Given

March 7th, 2021